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Helping Ex-Offenders Find Their Way Back into Society

Our Story: A Journey of Compassion and Transformation

It all began in 1977 when Rabbi Zushe received a life-changing call from Rabbi Castel. This call ignited a spark of compassion and commitment that has since transformed countless lives.

Rabbi Castel reached out to Rabbi Zushe with a simple question:

"Would he be willing to extend his helping hand to a prison near Plattsburgh, New York?"

Without hesitation, Rabbi Zushe agreed, firmly believing in the power of kindness and empathy to change lives.

The prison, recognizing the invaluable support Rabbi Zushe provided, requested his regular presence. Every Thursday, Rabbi Zushe would enter the prison walls, not as a judge or an authority figure, but as a compassionate listener, eager to hear the stories, fears, and problems of the incarcerated individuals.

What they needed most was someone who cared, a human connection in a world where they often felt isolated and abandoned. And Rabbi Zushe became that connection.

As Rabbi Zushe's commitment to these prisoners grew, he sought ways to expand his impact. Wondering if he could serve those in need closer to home in Quebec, he embarked on a mission to become the Official Chaplain for both federal and provincial prisons in Quebec. Little did he know that this journey would lead to the establishment of Maison Belfield, a halfway house that would become a beacon of hope for those reentering society.

Visiting prisons and halfway houses presented its own set of challenges, especially as many catered primarily to French-speaking populations.

Undeterred by the bureaucratic hurdles, Rabbi Zushe saw an opportunity to create Maison Belfield, a community-based home-care center (CHC) designed to offer comprehensive support for ex-offenders.

His vision was clear: to guide individuals from a life behind bars to a life within a community or society at large.

Inspired by this mission, Rabbi Zushe founded the Jewish Integration Center (JIC), a sanctuary for prisoners with day passes to learn and grow. Within its walls, they had access to various educational opportunities, including subjects like mathematics and accounting, preparing them for life beyond prison.

Over the years, Maison Belfield's dedication to the cause persevered. It took a decade of unwavering commitment to gain accreditation, but the center's reputation grew steadily. Ex-offenders were referred here because those in positions of authority knew Maison Belfield's profound impact and its unwavering dedication to reintegrating individuals into society.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Maison Belfield ran an extensive day program, offering even more resources and support.

In addition to Maison Belfield, Rabbi Zushe has extended his reach to the Jewish Legal Social Network (JLSN), an organization committed to assisting individuals navigating the complexities of the court system. Whether it's finding legal representation or seeking guidance before facing the courtroom, JLSN is there to provide support.

While Rabbi Zushe has dedicated his life to founding and nurturing these organizations, his main concern remains that there are countless individuals who still need help.

This digital platform's mission is clear: to guide individuals on their journey to reintegrate into society.

Our Mission: Empowering Ex-Offenders to Find Their Path

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief that every individual deserves a second chance.

We provide resources, support, and a lifeline to those who seek to rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Our website is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to helping ex-offenders find their way back into society, one step at a time.

Welcome to a community of hope and transformation.

Welcome to a brighter future.